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Breathing Brilliance

I use these techniques with my class of 9+10 year olds. They love it and I have noticed a real difference in their approaches to adversity and problems they encounter in their school day.

Patricia Colley

Highly recommended

My mindfulness teacher is a fabulous advocate, who quickly builds a strong sense of calm for all children in the class. Highly recommended.


You are changing people's lives

Your work is changing someone's life in such a massively positive way.  It's a gift and its magical to watch the transformation is in process. What you are doing is helping people come to terms with trauma and their lives.

You deserve a medal!


I am deeply grateful

Thank you Bernadette for your help, understanding and support and for showing and pointing the way to the start of my recovery. You have given me the tools to aid myself and improve my life to the person I very much want to be again. A survivor learnt how to believe and breathe. I am deeply grateful to you.

Tracey (mum of 5)

Featured in The Guardian

The Modern Family

5th September 2020

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