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My Mindfulness Teacher is the creation of Bernadette Dabbs. Her vision is to spread simple mindfulness techniques to simply everyone, empowering children and adults to care for their mental and emotional wellbeing.

Bernadette is a former primary school teacher and deputy headteacher with over 17 years experience in the classroom and as a leader. Whilst working in schools, she pioneered collaborative ways of teaching and learning which focused on building self-esteem, developing social and emotional skills and increasing motivation to learn.

More recently, she has directed her work towards Mindfulness, working with school children, staff and individuals across the country. Her mindfulness approach is a powerful combination of creative teaching, life coaching, breathing exercises, guided meditation and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioural therapy.

My Mindfulness Teacher teaches mindfulness to children in fun and creative ways, teaching them how to relax their mind, in order to feel a sense of calm. Encouraging them to pay attention and focus on the present moment, fostering a can-do attitude. Ultimately guiding children towards understanding and expressing their feelings, thoughts or worries so that they can cultivate kindness for themselves and towards others.

Children are taught how to look after their mental wellbeing by using breathing exercises, visualisations, meditations, art, craft, storytelling, writing and discussion. ​

My Mindfulness Teacher also coaches adults on the powerful benefits of mindfulness, which helps individuals to focus on the aspects of life that are truly important to them, rather than getting caught up in the mundane. Tackling feelings of stress and anxiety and coaching adults on ways to live in alignment with their core values, guiding them towards making positive changes in their lives - whether that is experiencing more happiness in life, at work or at home. ​

My Mindfulness Teacher uses simple mindfulness techniques that dedicate time to looking after the mind, so that simply anyone can transform the way that they feel about themselves, others and life.

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