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Price List

  • Explore Mindfulness

    FREE 30 minute call to find out more
    Valid for one week
    • FREE 30 minute call
    • Find out about mindfulness
    • Find out what a mindfulness session with me will be like
    • Have a go at a mindfulness activity
    • Ask any questions that you may have
  • Mindfulness Session

    Make time to stop: look after your mind and your wellbeing
    • Recognise the aspects of your life that you are happy with
    • Explore how you would like to improve your life
    • Relax your nervous system by following a breathing exercise
    • Create harmony in your mind with a guided meditation
  • Gift Voucher

    The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one
    • One-to-one session via video call
    • Coaching on mindfulness to improve wellbeing
    • Learn mindfulness techniques to use every day
    • Experience the instant impact of positive mindset activities
    • Conclude with a mellow guided meditation
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