Online Mindfulness Session – Visualisations

Welcome to this week’s Mindfulness Session for Mindfulness Monday.

Today we will continue to reflect on how well you have been nurturing your wellbeing by make time to move your body, nourish yourself, connect with those you miss, and if appropriate with your faith and by making time to stop, to still your MIND and allow your body to rest.

The session will explore how to use VISUALISATIONS to focus on an aspect of your health and wellbeing that you would like to nurture.

Visualisations can be a really powerful tool, athletes regularly use this technique as part of their training, as they visualise themselves winning, or becoming a champion in their field.

You may have even had a go at using this in your life without really recognising it… for example, when you imagine yourself relaxing on your planned holiday… these are the thoughts that help you to get through the day to day so that you can reach your holiday goal!

Once your MIND believes that this can happen, your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviours will mirror this. So that what you visualise, can become a reality for you.

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