MIND Meditation for Peace

Welcome to Mindfulness Monday at Triskele Life Coaching. This meditation is designed to help you make time to stop and experience a sense of peace within you. Don't worry if you don't feel at peace the first time you listen, meditation can be different every day and definitely a unique experience to the individual. So please don't become disheartened if on your first listening you don't find that connection that you are looking for, but congratulate yourself for taking the first step towards looking after your wellbeing!

Looking after our mental wellbeing is just the same as looking after physical health, we need to work at it, we need to exercise our MIND in order to strengthen it. By joining in with these Meditations and Mindfulness Sessions you are exercising your MIND and each time you focus on these activities your MIND is getting stronger and you will begin to open up to the positive possibilities that these exercises can bring.

So why not try to listen to this meditation every day this week and see how different your experience will be from today to the end of the week.

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