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Hello lovely people, welcome to MY MINDFULNESS TEACHER for children. We hope that you enjoy these activities designed to help you support your children in looking after their wellbeing.

CALM Breath | A short video which demonstrates a breathing exercise to help children become calm when they are cross or frustrated.

CALM Body | A set of exercises to relax the body especially when children are nervous or worried.

CALM Mind | A meditation which will take children on a magical adventure to help them feel happy.

Supporting your children in looking after their MIND is just as important as helping them to look after their body. These simple exercises remind each of us how to look after MIND every day:

M. Make time to stop.

I.   Inhale and exhale, focus on your breathing.

N. Notice your worries.

D. Do something to make you feel happy.

My Mindfulness Teacher activities are planned in line with:

Statutory Guidance for Primary Schools Physical Health and Mental Wellbeing July 2019


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